What are The Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting is the old age practice means people are doing fast from many times. Means Fasting has been experienced for centuries. Fasting is basically an Islamic practice, the concept of fasting came from Islam. Muslims do fast every year. We have many benefits of fasting for human health. Many people do fasts for their weight loss because different studies show that fasting is one of the best practice to lose your weight within few days. Because fasting reduces your addiction of food and breaks the eating of a high quantity of food or eating food all the time which is very important for every human health.

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Benifits of Fasting

Basically fasting is associated with the month of Ramadan in all over the world, especially in Muslim countries. Million and Billion of Muslims all over the world are busy in fasting in every for one month. Different studies show that In 2004 there was one person in the University of Maryland Geneticist he says that he was very healthy and his weight was 180 pounds which is too much and uncontrollable. He was fasting for one month and he lost 15 pounds within one month which was a positive result for him. So it shows that there are numerous benefits of fasting. Many studies tell or show that fasting can have powerful benefits for the body as well as for your brain. Fasting is another name of self-control. Especially for Muslims they have to do self-control during fasts. They take care of their responsibilities, they have to control their emotions.

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