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Perfect 7 Day Detox Diet Plan

Today I will show you the perfect 7 day detox diet plan for you to fight with your weight loss program. There are also some lifestyle tips that will help you to live your life even more healthy and fit forever.

Seven day detox

Try your best to follow this 7 day detox to gain comprehensive benefits of it. But if you follow this diet plan even a couple of days or couple of eating, you will get an excellent exposure on every week. This can rid the body of excess fluid, can boost your health, and approve you to make more consistent changes to your lifestyle and diet plan.

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Do everything you feel that you can do for your health. Maybe you have decided that you will begin it with the weekend, or simple when you will have the extra time to prepare for this 7 day detox. Having said that, the only finest time for everything is present-day.

7 Day detox diet plan

On rising in morning:

On every rise of the morning drink a glass of water for rehydration. After this take a cup of nettle tea or dandelion tea or warm/hot water with fresh lemon in it.

30 minutes of light exercise:

If you go for a walk and can do the exercise outside the house, then it is good to do so. To get the circulation going there is nothing as good fresh air and oxygen. Choose a hike or brisk walk, a focused yoga session or cycle ride, concentrating on your breath.

A shower or bath and body brush:Detox Diet Plan

It’s good if you can use a natural bristle long-handled body brush on dry skin before the bath or shower. Brushing the body is an excellent way to stimulate lymph and blood flow, speeding up any detoxifying process, and opening skin pores. Use the lengthy rubs on the body in an up direction towards the heart.


Choose 3 to 4 fruits such as papaya (or paw paw), pears, apples, fresh berries, melon or mangoes, fresh pineapple, or peach. Wash them, slice or chop into the bowl or onto the plate. Then add some fresh lemon juice and add a spoon with it. You can also use a little extra grated or chopped raw ginger along with chopped fresh mint for extra cleansing power.

Perfect 7 Day Detox Diet Plan
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