How to Increase Metabolism – The Perfect Ways

In this post, I will tell you how to increase metabolism. One of my infected and challenge participants ask hey no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight.

I think I’m cursed with a slow metabolism help. Okay well, this is a common problem, but there are ways how to increase metabolism. You see each of us was born with these little energy factories that provide the fuel to run everything in our body.

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Increase Metabolism

These energy factories are called mitochondria. In each cell in our body has hundreds of thousands of them, and they convert oxygen you breathe, and your body uses the food that you eat into energy. Like having trillions of little combustion engines in your body, that one scientist talk about metabolism. Crawford is talking about the mitochondria and if your mitochondria are affected while they are burning calories, and you have a fast metabolism and if they’re ineffective.

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Ways How to Increase Metabolism

They’re not burning calories, and you have a slow metabolism, that some of this is genetically determined if you have a parent or sibling with type 2 diabetes. Then your mitochondria are 50% less efficient at burning calories in the average person I’m sorry. Even if you’re thin, this predisposed to weight gain and a veg types to diabetes. Now the good news is you can increase the number and the function of your mitochondria, that many things can affect the number and the function of your mitochondria did you actually can control?

The biggest damage to your Energy System comes from your diet. When we eat lots of sugar and processed, and inflammatory foods or refined vegetable oils or we simply consumed too much food. We overload our energy factories, and they get damaged.

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