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How to get a flat stomach fast

Get A Flat Stomach

Getting a flat stomach is a very hard job in this very busy life. This is true that when you hear that someone get a flat stomach in the kitchen. Even if you are trying to kill it in the gym with very difficult exercises 4 to 5 days a week. But you are so busy and had no time for the regular gym, then here is the solution. Just carefully try to focus on your diet because your food is the key to success for you. Low nutrition can help you to reduce your workout efforts. This is very important to know about the healthy balance in life for a healthy life. This way, by connecting with these strategies and carefully using our 5-day meal plan, you will get to know that how to get a flat stomach fast.


Some useful tips to get a flat stomach

  • Strictly eat your 3-time meal a day. Regular breakfast, lunch and dinner on time will make you more healthy and fat free.
  • Don’t overeat at night because meal can sit in your stomach and cause bloating and
  • Try to eat fruits at breakfast time only not at any time to avoid fermentation.
  • Do a short walk after every meal to avoid digestion.
  • Do not drink fizzy drinks. Always try to drink water with meals and avoid caffeine to avoid digestion.
  • Try to eat apples, berries, wholegrains, broccoli, high fibre beans such as chickpeas and lentils and cauliflower for a probiotic boost.


Five Day Meal Plan to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

Day 1


Fruity yoghurt crunch in a tall glass: Flaked almonds, sunflower, blueberries, sliced watermelon, layer spoonsful of probiotic yoghurt. Drizzle with the raw honey.


A squeeze of lemon juice, smoked salmon sandwich, 2 thin slices of rye bread with mustard.


Fig and feta tart: Make a Pastry, mix all together ½ tablespoon of chickpea flour, 25g of grated carrot, 1 egg, 10g grated Parmesan cheese, and a touch of paprika . Put it in a baking tin and bake it for 20 mins until it becomes crispy. Top with 1 fig, quartered, 1 slice prosciutto, 10g crumbled feta cheese pepper and salt. Noe bake it again for 20 mins and it’s done for your dinner.

Day 2


Shredded wheat with banana: 1 sliced banana, one shredded wheat with 120ml glided milk, which is top with one tablespoon of probiotic yoghurt. And this is done for your day 2 breakfast. A drizzle of the raw honey


Brown rice sushi: Take 75g cooked warm brown sushi rice, ½ tablespoon of Xylitol sweetener and 20ml rice vinegar and mix all together. Put it on the sheet of nori seaweed and now top it with avocado and slices of red pepper. Roll up and put it the plate with soya sauce, its done with your day 2 lunch.


Baked sweet potato with baked beans: take 1 medium baked sweet potato, one tablespoon of probiotic yoghurt, one small pot of low sugar baked beans. Put baked beans and probiotic yoghurt on every baked sweet potato. Done for your dinner.

Written by Sarah

I am a nutritionist and instructor at several places about food and Health. I love food and along with food I am also health conscious. After doing a lot of research on food and health, I started blogging about these things to increase and share my knowledge about Food and Health with all Food lovers.


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