Fasting Effects For Weight Loss That You Won’t Believe

Different researches or studies show that the most recommended and popular option for the fasting is 16 hours, including sleep in it, which is very easy to perform on a regular basis for one month. Fasting or this practice only requires one normal breakfast in the early in the morning, but Muslims do it before Fajr Prayers. You have to take one cup of coffee or tea and some other simple or non-caloric foods which are very important for your health. During fasting your digestive system inclines to shrink which means you need a smaller food to feel that you are full.

Fasting Effects for Weight Loss

Fasting helps you to reduce calories, extra fats and also lose weight from your whole body. It helps to lose your belly fats. During one month fasting, many people lost 3 to 6% of their waist with their belly which is a very positive result. Not only helps to reduce weight fasting has also many benefits for metabolic health and even it helps to prevent the chronic diseases, which will expand your lifespan.

Reason Why People Do Fast:

There is no reason for doing fast for Muslims they have to fast during Ramadan but most other people also do fast because there are several reasons and benefits.

  • Good for weight loss
  • Beneficial for healthy and perfect health
  • To reduce or carving of hunger
  • It breaks the need of food or food addiction
  • Good for medical condition like high blood pressure, heart diseases and so on

When You Are Hungry During Fasting:


When you are hungry during fasting so fasting does not allow you to eat anything during fasting because you have to eat at morning and then you have to eat during evening means after 12 to 16 hours during these hours you can’t eat or drink anything. Basically fasting is to give breaks to the physical need of food addiction or more eating cycle which is not beneficial for health. Mostly fasting stop your physiological food addiction. If you are hungry during fasting so try to do some activity or some work which keeps you busy because if you will be busy somewhere then for sure you will not feel hungry.

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I am a nutritionist and instructor at several places about food and Health. I love food and along with food I am also health conscious. After doing a lot of research on food and health, I started blogging about these things to increase and share my knowledge about Food and Health with all Food lovers.


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