Is Carbonated Water Healthy for you How to Find?

Is Carbonated Water Healthy

Carbonated water is the one of the popular drink for many of us for the healthy drink then the soda water and many other sugar water drinks. But is carbonated water healthy and safe to drink for us?

Now as everyone knows about the hazards of drinking soda, no matter that it’s sugary or non-sugary, but what about the fewer showy companions, like tonic water, soda water, sparkling water, and seltzer water?

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There are statements that carbonation causes tooth decay, increase the calcium loss in the bones, causes (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome, and may cause weight gain even without the flavor, calories, and sugar which are found in regular soda water. But how legal are these statements?

Let’s explore!

Sales are increasing and became doubled in the United States from the last five years, and now the carbonated water in these is a million dollar business according to the latest research from Euromonitor.

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But how much this is healthy? Despina Hyde, A registered dietitian at NYU Langone Medical Center, notifies that all the carbonated drinks are not same when it comes to your health and diet. She highlights the need to read the nutrition labels on the bottles.

“The best bet is to choose something without any sweeteners at all,” she said in CBS News.

Artificial or natural sweeteners, she said, are every so often found in flavored sparkling and tonic waters. Some of them are using added sugar and a surprising amount of calories and even some artificial sweeteners which can cause to weight gain.

Does Carbonation Increase the Calcium Loss in the Bones?

So, in short words: A study in 2006 which is involving 2,500 people are set to determine that what are the effects of using soda waters. So, the study showed that consumption of colas drinks was associated with low mineral density in women than the other carbonated beverages. Other drinks did not appear to have an effect on low calcium in bones. This was because cola drinks have phosphorus in them which can increase the calcium loss in the bones. So, by this, there may the answer to the question which was “Is Carbonated Water Healthy?”

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Does Carbonated Water Cause Tooth Decay

If we will talk about the soda and other carbonated waters with added sugar, calories, and artificial sweeteners, then the answer is yes because these beverages can harm your teeth. But! If we talk about the plain carbonated water with no added acid or sugar in it, then the answer is no. Because the process of carbonation is the addition of pressurized carbon dioxide gas to the plain water, sugar, salt, and acids are not being added. It’s the simple addition of those components which increase the risk for the tooth decay.

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