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How Anxiety and Stress Cause Hair Loss

Not All Hair Loss is Anxiety Related

It also significant to note that not all hair loss is caused by anxiety. Many other people start losing hair in the age time where many other stresses include like work, money, kids, finance, and relation etc. because they also happen at the same time and are related but are totally different conditions.

More of that some people start feeling anxiety due to hair loss. In a way losing hair is the cause of their anxiety and they are experiencing higher level of anxiety because they are worried about their hair loss.

While anxiety absolutely lead to hair fall. But in some cases falling of large clumps of hair, anxiety is not always the main problem.

Reduce Anxiety and the Hair May Come Back

A good news for those who are suffering from anxiety is that, anxiety related hair loss is not for permanently. You can control it. If anxiety and stress are the main cause for your hair loss, then by reducing that can help you to stop hair loss. Reducing anxiety may help your hair come back.

I have experienced with many people suffering from anxiety which cause hair loss for them. But they got their hair back. Remember not all the hair come back after losing but your hair fall may natural and not caused by stress and anxiety. You should start recusing your fear and stress cause hair loss and keep yourself calm and peaceful. You will defiantly get back your hair. While treatment for your hair loss it is the key of success fighting against the hair loss.


So, stress cause hair loss and anyone can control hair loss related to anxiety and stress by reducing stress and anxiety.

How Anxiety and Stress Cause Hair Loss
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