Amazing & Beneficial Movements for Back Pain Relief

Back Pain is one of the common and worst pain which main people are facing nowadays. Sitting and Sleeping in the wrong way is the cause of distribution of your full body weight or it can be an imbalance which triggers back pain in the body. Shoulders blades, muscles and Trapezius body muscles are very important and work hard for straight head means it keeps your head in a straight line. If you are looking for good pills for back pain then try to go for yoga poses. It will give you relief from back pain.

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Beneficial Moves to Relief Back Pain

Corpse Pose:

Corpse Pose

Corpse yoga poses is one of the best and easiest poses for the back pain. You have to lie on the floor with your arms on the back and keep your arms at both sides. Then slowly, palms up and then straight your legs out. Try to use the comfortable thing on the floor to reduce pressure on your lower back. Then breathe deeply and slowly for the relaxation and keep this position for 3 to 4 minutes.

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Bow Pose:

This pose is called bow pose because it is similar to an archer’s bow, representing the body through the legs and strong arms. This is the easy and effective yoga pose for reducing back pain. This yoga pose is good for your back, shoulders, arms and thighs. You have to lie in bed on your tummy or belly with the help of your hands. Inhale and take deep breathes. You have to lie with a folded or bend knees, then slowly, slowly bring your both your heels as close as you can to rumps. Then you have to exhale and also lift your boot heels away from rumps. Try to do this pose 10 times on a daily basis.

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