7 Healthy Foods that can Ruin your Workout Consider Avoiding

As we all know that we need good food to fuel our fitness, however, what proves best for our health which vary on the time and type of workout.

So, when we eat some sweet things, certain choices can more harm us than good, here am talking about muscle cramps, stomach pain and lethargy.

So here is the question, when you eat and why you eat it, matters a lot? Working out is a challenge for your nervous system, and what you’re doing is giving your body something to have to respond to,” says Kelvin Gary, NASM-certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and owner of Body Space Fitness in New York City.

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When someone eats some food before a workout, he or she is making his body has to decide between the internal food process and the external process (converting that food into energy) which means forcing that weighted sledge farther and quicker. And the internal process always wins the battle. You can’t stop digestion.

So, keeping in mind these factors we rounded up some foods that can ruin your workout by upsetting your stomach. These can also hurt your stamina and performance. So, there are many choices to eat, and we list down some foods that can ruin your workout. You should consider avoiding eating before your workout.

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You should Consider these Healthy Foods that can Ruin your Workout

1. Salad


You might be wondering that salad is always a good food to eat for everyone to control the diet and weight, right? Not so much. “ Salad is healthy, but not the best choice before a workout,” Erica Giovinazzo, registered dietician and a coach at Brick CrossFit in New York.

Because all the vegies are rich in fiber, and fiber makes slow down the digestion. This can cause gas and bloating while workout. So, for your sake, you should avoid this as it is on the list of food that can ruin your workout. Or go for your workout after few hours of eating salad.

2. Flex Seeds

Flex Seeds

Flex seeds are an ideal food for weight loss and proved super food, but they will not help you if you will eat it before going the gym for your workout. The reason why you should avoid this healthy food to eat before the workout? It is rich is rich in fiber, just like raw veggies. So, as same it will cause bloating and gas while workout. So, it means that you should stay away from fiber supplements. And avoid fiber-rich foods that can ruin your workout.

However, do not avoid to eat this very healthy food completely as you will lose a very healthy source of good food for your health.

3. Hummus


Do not get us wrong, because we love healthy hummus just as you do, but you should stay away from it before the workout. Hummus is healthy food for us all.

But the only problem why you should avoid eating it before a workout is, Bean based food like hummus are high in indigestible carbohydrates which can cause uncomfortable bloating and gas while workout. So, just stay way of it before going for a workout.

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