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  • Pecorino Cracker Crisps

    Pecorino Cracker Crisps Recipe

    Pecorino Cracker Crisps is a very delicious recipe. The recipe is rich in taste. Thin, short bread type crackers that go great with cocktails. Makes a lovely appetiser topped with pear jam and cooked slivered almonds! Previous post about Healthy Breakfast Recipes for You to Start Your Delicious Day Very delicious Pecorino Cracker Crisps. Beautiful and […]

  • Mixed Spice Muesli Recipe

    Mixed Spice Muesli Recipe

    Start your day right by making this delicious homemade mixed spice muesli recipe. Choose between three different toppings to keep your breakfast times interesting. Mixed spice muesli is a healthy dish for your breakfast. Previous post about The Hummingbird Bakery vanilla cupcakes Recipe Mixed Spice Muesli Recipe Ingredients 125g jumbo oats 75g sultanas ½ tsp mixed […]

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    Hummingbird Bakery vanilla cupcakes

    The Hummingbird Bakery vanilla cupcakes Recipe

    These vanilla cupcakes, topped with candy-coloured vanilla frosting and sprinkles, are what the Hummingbird Bakery is best known for. When you make these at home, don’t overcook them – they should be lightly golden and spring back when touched. This way you will ensure an airy, moist sponge with a subtle vanilla taste. This easy […]

  • get rid of stress

    Simples Ways to Get rid of Stress

    Stress is very common nowadays, especially in youth. Whether the stress comes from family life, relation problems, finances, jobs or any other thing, but stress is there in every situation. Stress is the integral portion of your life. Stress or tension can be caused because of health problems, or financial situations. Everyone wants to get […]

  • Eat Before Workout

    What to Eat Before Workout

    It is important for the people who work out that they must be very conscious about their diet because it is important for their fitness as if they don’t care about their accurate diet so they will not be able to perform very well during the workout. Most of the people don’t know what to […]


    Yoga Health Benefits

        Yoga has numerous health benefits. Simple work out just burn the calories but yoga not only burn the calories but also tone the muscles.  Yoga has approximately 150 types and everyone chooses that one which suits their body and gives them mental peace. Yoga gives mental peace and physical fitness to a person. […]

  • Lower Back Pain

    4 Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain

    lower back pain is very common nowadays, especially in America 80 to 85 % people are facing lower back pain. Sometimes the lower back pain comes very seriously and you feel weakness or tingling in your back. This is the one of the worst and unbearable pain for that pan there are many effective treatments. […]

  • dieting myths

    Dieting Myths You Should Stop Believing

      Despite being supermodel and beautiful is the joint objective for numerous people all over the world.  Losing extra body weight is not an easy thing or that which you can do immediately. Many people search or look for those workouts which reduce their extra fats or pounds immediately. Many popular dieting myths can be […]