10 Healthy Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Sometimes we need something sweet in our life. But the refined sugar is not healthy for our body. There are tons of disadvantages of refined sugar. So, to avoid those obstacles here are 10 best healthy alternatives to refined sugar. You can easily add these unrefined sweeteners to your favorite food recipes.

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As we all know, that refined sugar has no nutritional value at all. Mostly, all the processed foods are loaded with extra refined sugar which good for our health. From the study, it is proved that averagely all Americans eats three pounds of refined sugar through processed foods per week.

At healthclubrecipes.com here in our recipes we only prefer to use the natural sweeteners. If you look at our recipes ingredients, you will know that mostly we use sucanat, coconut palm sugar, and honey in our baked goods or sweet dishes.

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List of 10 Healthy Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Alternatives to Sugar

  • Honey
  • Unsulphured Molasses
  • Sorghum Syrup
  • Pureed bananas (great for baking!)
  • Turbinado Sugar
  • Coconut Palm Sugar (our favorite because of its low glycemic index)
  • Dates or Date sugar
  • Sucanat
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Maple syrup

If you are searching for some healthy recipes, then you should look at our recipes category.

Why to Choose Natural Sweeteners

Maybe you have a question is your mind that why to choose the natural sugars when our body can process the sugar as sugar, no matter what type of sugar is?

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So, the answer is that, when you are using the natural sweeteners, you are not only avoiding the chemical procedures but also you are getting some amount of nutrition for your body with every little bit. As I said earlier, that there is no nutrition in white sugar.

These alternatives to refined sugar will always be best and healthy for your life.

Written by Sarah

I am a nutritionist and instructor at several places about food and Health. I love food and along with food I am also health conscious. After doing a lot of research on food and health, I started blogging about these things to increase and share my knowledge about Food and Health with all Food lovers.