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Koi Cbd Oil Review | Product Prices,Coupon & Shipment 2019

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CBD is among the 113 identified cannabinoids found in cannabis and makes up to 40 percent of the plant’s extract. Today intensive research has revealed that CBD has more to offer from a medical perspective and scientist are yet to exhaust all the therapeutic properties of this herb. As of today, Koi CBD has the potential to cure.  As you are aware, CBD contains no psychoactive properties that are the reason it’s now legalized in more than 50 countries in the world. Today we are going to review the Koi CBD oil and Koi CBD vape juice and provide more insight into why it should be your number one-stop shop for CBD oil.

What is Koi CBD Oil?

Koi CBD oil is one of the best CBD oil available in the market. It’s made from High-quality CBD strains of hemp which contain zero percentage of THC. Other cannabis products usually have high or low amounts of THC but with Koi CBD oil you can be assured of THC free CBD oil, and it’s a guarantee it has no psychoactive properties.  And it’s available to users in a variety of strengths to suit once needs. The reason why Koi CBD oil is a potent CBD than others it’s because it’s Full Spectrum CBD oil. This means Koi CBD contains other popular cannabinoids found in hemp or CBD strains such as CBG (Cannabigerol),  CBN (Cannabinol), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), and 13 powerful Terpenes to name a few, which ultimately deliver the results needed.

It’s worth noting all the CBD infused products available at Koi CBD are made of concentrated CBD made from high-quality hemp or marijuana. The Koi CBD oil is also made following high quality and control procedures to safeguard the consumer well-being and guarantee the client this is the best CBD oil.

As you are aware consuming CBD oil orally or mixing it with food and drinks has become the most popular way of experiencing the maximum benefits of CBD. Also there other popular delivery methods available spraying CBD under the tongue, Koi CBD lotion applied to the skin as a cream, and CBD vape oil used in a vaporizer.

About Koi CBD

If you genuinely wish to experience the wonders of 100% natural CBD, the kind that has been made from a cannabidiol extract with a 99% purity and processed in a cGMP certified facility the KOI CBD products are the way to go.  Koi CBD has been around since 2015, and they have become a household name in the CBD market mainly because of the high standard of quality of their products. Their products are not just of the highest quality but they are also laboratory tested CBD products; hence you can be assured on the levels of purity, and safety.  All their products are 100% THC free, contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG (Cannabigerol), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), and 13 powerful Terpenes. It will also surprise you through this Koi CBD review to know Koi Naturals CBD oil tinctures are 100% vegan certified by VegeCert.

Koi CBD sells a number of products which include CBD Lotion, CBD Gummies, Koi Naturals, CBD Vape Juice, CBD for Pets, Vaping pen devices and cartridges.


Koi Naturals CBD OILS

Koi Naturals review

Koi Naturals CBD oils have been made from a 99% pure cannabidiol extract; hence they are 100% natural and have been blended with coconut oil giving the CBD user an excellent experience. They have been processed in a cGMP certified facility, and even though they are Full Spectrum CBD oils, they have 0% of THC in them. The company not only uses the highest quality ingredients in the manufacture of their products but they also conduct vigorous lab tests to make sure the output is pure and safe for human consumption and animals.

Koi CBD offers its customers two different sizes of its natural CBD oils that are in a 30 mL bottle and 60 mL bottle. Both of these products have 0% THC, contain an array of beneficial active cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBD, CBDV which are blended together and complement each other delivering the maximum effect to the user.

The 30 mL product comes with five strengths, and four delicious flavors. It’s packaged in a 250 mg, 500mg, 1000 mg, and 2000mg bottles and some of their flavors include Koi Naturals Orange, Koi Naturals Lemon-Lime, Koi Naturals Spearmint, and Koi Naturals Natural. Their prices range between $39.99 and $99.99. The 30 mL option its bottle eases the process of placing the drops under the tongue, but other than consuming it orally it can also be added on beverages and food.

If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of the 30 mL Koi Natural CBD oil you have to take one full dropper between one to three times a day. When you put it under the tongue don’t be in a hurry let it stay there for at least 20 seconds before swallowing. Before going for the next dose at least its recommended you take three hours especially if you’re a first-timer, this helps someone to understand the effects of CBD on their bodies.

Koi Natural 60 mL is Koi’s CBD most abundant and most potent Full Spectrum CBD oil in their shelves. It’s available in two flavors that are Natural and Spearmint flavor and has no artificial flavors. You will find it in two different strengths levels that’s 1,500 mg and 3,000 mg flavors. To maximize absorption spray the CBD oil under the tongue. The prices of these oils are $149. 99 and $249.99 respectively.

Always remember to store Koi natural CBD oils in a cool, dry place and away from humidity and excessive heat if you want to preserve their inherent quality. Also don’t take koi CBD oil or Koi CBD vape juice during lactation, pregnancy or when under pharmaceutical drugs. Keep the products away from the reach of children.

Koi CBD Vape juice

The only way to be sure you have purchased an authentic and not a counterfeit CBD vape juice is through a certified company such as Koi CBD. They usually offer free shipping on orders that are above $35 across all the 50 US states, and you don’t have to worry yourself on matters of discretion because they have a reputation to protect.

The good thing with CBD juice is that it works faster than all the other delivery methods. Remember the other CBD products such as the pills, edibles, supplements, and drinks have to go through the digestive system and they will be processed in the liver and that might take a while before the desired effects are felt.

However, vaping CBD oil will go directly to your lungs and in a matter of minutes, it will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream making it the best option for those who desire instant results. Remember Koi CBD vape juice is 100% safe and has 0% of THC.

For those who are searching for the best CBD vape juice and CBD vape juice near me, Koi CBD should be your number one selection. The company has stocked seven flavors of the vape juice which are Jade KOI CBD (Watermelon Green Apple Sour), Red KOI CBD (The Classic Strawberry Milkshake), TROPICAL POPSICLE, White KOI CBD (Flavorless Additive), Blue Koi (Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit), Gold KOI CBD (Vanilla Caramel Custard), and Pink KOI CBD (Pink Lemonade).

These seven products are available to consumers in 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, and 1000 mg strengths. The bottle size is a 30 mL, and every single product is traceable by batch for the quality, consistency, and potency.

On their prices which differs with the strength of the product, it ranges between $29.99  to  $99.99.

Koi CBD also offers its customers another product known as Koi variety pack which comprises of a full set of 30 mL bottles (5 bottles for the price of 4). These are Gold Koi—Vanilla Caramel Custard, White Koi—Flavorless Additive, Jade Koi—Watermelon Green Apple Sour, Red Koi—Strawberry Milkshake and Blue Koi—Blue Raspberry Dragon fruit. All these products are THC free and are available in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg strengths.

How to take them?

For those who are using the vape devices, the vape juices can be mixed up with any of your desired e-liquids and don’t you worry on the type of a vape device since any vape device is applicable. It’s also important to note that there no special settings or wattage requirements.

For those using a tincture don’t take more than 3x 1 mL per day and always hold the CBD oil under the tongue for around 30 seconds before you swallow

Storage of Koi CBD vape juice.

Always store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity so that you don’t compromise the quality of the vape juice.


This is not a product to be used during the pregnancy or lactation period since it can compromise the health of your baby. Before you take these products if you have a medical condition or you’re taking pharmaceutical drugs of any kind, please consult your physician before you use these products.

Always keep these products away and out of reach from children.


To accompany the CBD vape juice and KOI Natural CBD OIL the company also sells VAPING PEN DEVICES & CARTRIDGES. Some of the  products you will find include Koi Spectrum Cartridge which is sold between $39.99 – $59.99, Koi Pods (2 empty pods) going for $9, Fitt Pods (2 pre-filled pods) going for $21, Max Battery 380mAH going for $15 and Koi Stik by Boulder going for $17.99.

Benefits of using KOI CBD VAPE JUICE and KOI Natural CBD OIL

Koi CBD products have become the best alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and an answer to medical conditions that are incurable with pharmaceutical drugs. Most people these days have turned to natural herbs to treat medical conditions because it’s safe, and they offer minimal side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Koi CBD products are popular in managing and suppressing chronic pain, treating depression and anxiety, managing stress, offer energy-boosting and many more benefits.

Koi CBD products are also the answer to medical conditions such as vestibular migraines, sleep disorders, PTSD, seizures, and osteoarthritis (OA).

Where to buy Koi CBD products

The best place to buy Koi CBD products is through the links that we have provided which redirect you back to the manufactures website. The website has all the necessary information you might need on each product. We also have koi CBD coupons which you can use to get a discount on the products you will purchase.

Final thoughts on Koi CBD

Koi CBD has the best CBD products that are well tested, they contain zero THC, and the company is one of the most reputable CBD manufactures in the country. Just don’t buy cheaper alternatives compared to Ki CBD since the chances you are buying non tested product that might be counterfeit are very high, and the repercussions can be fatal. We hope we have provided more helpful insights on Koi CBD and always check on us when you need to know more on CBD oil.

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