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CBDistillery Review | Product Prices,Coupons & Deals [Updated]

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In recent days we have seen recreational and medical marijuana slowly infiltrating the market and CBD is on the same path as well. Since the government approved the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis and classified as a food supplement today, the industry has a market value of more than $2 billion, and from the look of things, experts have projected its sales will have reached a whopping $22 billion by the year 2022. Such a rapid growth on CBD means more players will roll in and as you can see now, everyone has claimed they are the “No 1 Provider of Highest quality CBD”. The question is, you as the consumer how do you know who is providing the highest quality CBD products and who is not?

That’s where we come in to help in sorting out which are the best companies from the mediocre ones. Today we have one of those CBD companies known as CBDistillery or CBD distillery. This is a company which has made headlines on many review sites in regards to the quality of their products, and it would be fair if you heard what we have to say about CBDistillery through our unbiased CBDistillery review.

Who Is CBDistillery?

CBDIstillery is a company that has for the last two years been named by Rave reviews as one of the best companies where you would get quality CBD Oil that’s in 2017 and 2018. Rave reviews usually list down 20 of the best companies offering CBD oils based on CBD concentration, price, user experience and quality of the products.

CBDistillery ReviewIt’s a trend now, every reputable company has to have some founding roots in Colorado since this is the epicenter of the cannabis industry and CBDistillery isn’t any different. The company was founded by a group of Colorado natives who were driven by the motive of offering the United States citizens highest quality and reasonably priced CBD while spreading the benefits that come along with taking CBD.

CBDistillery Highlights

CBDistillery has made a mark as one of the best CBD online vendors in the world. To be highlighted and singled out as one of the best in such an industry where their hundreds of vendors you have to have some impressive exceptional qualities. Many factors have fueled such a reputation among its ability to ship products across all the 50 U.S states, competitive prices, quality of products, and advocacy work in creating awareness of the benefits of CBD among others. Below are some other reasons why CBDistillery has been ranked as one of the best online CBD vendors in the world.

  1. Member of the National Hemp Association (NHA).

One of the enormous problems facing the cannabis industry is the emergence of vendors who are out there to make a rip off on the unsuspecting customers who are looking for solutions in CBD to their problems. This industry is unregulated and there minimal rules governing the sale of CBD; hence there is a loophole for exploitation by shady vendors. When a CBD vendor such as CBD distillery decides to become certified and affiliated with standardization groups that boost a customer’s level of trust on the company’s products. CBDistillery is a member of National Hemp Association, an organization which advocates for standards in both raw hemp material and CBD products.

  1. CBDistillery’s products third-party tested

These days all CBD oil companies out there are displaying their lab test results for customers to see and CBDistillery does that too but what’s so special about CBDistillery is its affiliation with ProVerde Labs. It’s a well-known Lab which has been known to give absolute purity and potency results and besides its accredited lab. To access the third-party test results of all the products, you can

  1. Download a QR code app on your phone and every product there’s a QR code where you can scan and see the lab tests results.
  2. The lab tests results are on each product page under the pictures accompanying the product. Al you need to do is click and view them.
  3. Offers both CBD isolates and full-spectrum tinctures.

In case you are looking for a full-spectrum tincture, or a pure CBD isolate that is THC free then CBDistillery is the place to go. Although full-spectrum cannabinoids have more potency than the pure CBD isolates themselves, the isolates have a significant role to play in self-medication. For those who prefer CBD isolates since they offer only pure CBD.

  1. CBDistillery has the most “unique” CBD products in the industry

CBD industry has been evolving as days goes by but not all CBD brands out there have adopted with the trends. Our brand over here has a unique product that no other company is selling it that’s CBD suppositories. To those who have no idea what CBD suppositories are, its products that their delivery method is inserting them through your rectum rather than relying on conventional dosing methods. If you didn’t get me straight, I said CBD capsules administered anally. The thought of cramming medicine up your back crack might sound crazy, but the rectum is one of the most absorptive areas of the body considering it has large supply of capillary beds. Don’t forget when medication is inserted through the rectum it bypasses the first-pass metabolism, meaning it’s full of potency.

  1. Source of The CBDistillery’s CBD

You might be wondering with such a reputation on quality products what CBDistillery source of CBD is? Well, the company purchases its hemp from the local farms within Colorado, and the manufacturing is also done within Colorado. The raw material is grown its pesticide-free, and non-GMO industrial hemp naturally.

  1. Shipping Time Line

When a payment is processed, the product will be shipped to you in 48hours via USPS. When you order on Friday, the product will be shipped to you on Monday or Tuesday, and you have to give it at least 3-5 days if you choose a first-class where you pay $5 shipping fee or 2-3 days if you select priority shipping method where you pay $8. Remember there is free shipping if your order is above $75. To add some more flavor, you have a USPS tracking number of your package so you can estimate when you will receive your product.

  1. Return Policy

Some companies out there do not accept returns nor do they refund you your money back. CBDistillery is different since they take unopened, and unused product within 7 days of receiving it.

  1. Discount Program to Veterans, EMT and Service officials

CBDistillery appreciates the men and women who have served the United States in keeping the country safe from internal and external enemies and these are veterans, EMTs, Police officers, active military members, and firefighters. They are eligible for a 10% discount on all their products which can be applied with CBDistillery coupon codes.

Negative Thoughts

As promised above we are unbiased, and our views don’t just aim at the positive side of the brand, but we also pinpoint out what we disliked on our CBDistillery reviews.

When you make a purchase with CBDistillery your shipment will be shipped after 48hours have elapsed and this is due to what they call processing period. Your order will then take other 2-5 days depending on the shipping method you choose. Meaning if you order on Monday your order will be shipped on Wednesday and you might receive it between Friday and Sunday. Compared to other CBD brands that ship same day CBDistillery is a bit slow. Don’t forget they don’t process orders on weekends. I think they should improve on matters of shipping.

Shipping internationally is something they haven’t started and maybe on a later date, but a company of their caliber should be catering for this according to my opinion.

Another negative issue with CBDistillery is its return policy. They allow returns to be made within just7 days after receiving the package and as the customer, you are responsible for catering for return shipping costs.

There is no money-back guarantee on all of their products.

Products and Costs

If you haven’t gone through their products section, one thing we really loved about CBDistillery is their variety of products. It’s one shop for all your CBD needs and below is a rundown of all products you are likely to find on the merchant site.

CBDistillery Products and Costs


  1. CBDistillery CBD Hemp Oil:

It’s worth noting that CBDistillery only offers non-GMO, pesticide-free and 100% natural oil derived from industrial hemp. The full spectrum oils contain flavonoids, terpenes and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids which have 0.3% THC. All of their products in this category are available in two sizes that’s a 15ML and 30 ML. The 15 ml bottle has four potencies that’s 1000mg, 500mg, 250 mg, and 150mg while the 30 ml has two potencies thats5000mg and 2500 mg.

150 mg 30 ml CBD pet Tincture goes for $20, while 500mg 30ml full spectrum CBD oil tincture cost $240, and 500mg 30 ml pure CBD oil (THC free) Tincture goes for $210.

  1. CBD Isolates:

CBDistillery isolates are non-GMO, pesticide-free, 100% natural and contain 99% of pure CBD with nothing else but pure CBD. The isolates are in crystalline powder and formulation powder form. The CO2 extraction method applied allows the production of clean CBD isolates that you can’t find somewhere else in the market.

The cost of Pure CBD isolate powder (crystalline) from hemp is $15-$378 while CBD powder Pure CBDelicious powder from hemp cost $28.

  1. CBD Capsules:

You will find two types of CBD capsules in CBD Distillery. There is either a full spectrum capsule or an isolated capsule and they are available in 60 counts and 30 count bottles. Isolates have two potencies the 30mg and 25 mg while the full spectrum has only the 30 mg.

The 25 mg CBD pill capsules 30 count cost $50, the full spectrum 30 mg CBD infused softgels 30 count cost $60, and CBD isolates softgels 30 mg CBD 60 count costs $115.

  1. Topical CBD Topicals

CBDistillery has several options of CBD creams, salves and lip balms for sale. You will find a 500 mg CBDol Topical CBD salve going for $50, a CBD lip Balm going for $6, CBDefine Skincare cream 500mg sold at $50, and 40mg pure CBD topical patch sold at $14.

  1. CBD Gummies

In case you love CBD Gummies then don’t you worry CBDistillery has taken care of you. They have 30 mg CBD Gummies worth $60 and 30 CBD Night Time Gummies 30 mg going for $60.

  1. CBD Vapes and Cartridges

In case you were wondering whether they sell vapes and cartridges then the answer to your question is yes.  On their product list, you will find Disposable CBD vape pen-200mg in several flavors such as Strawberry lemonade, grape, grand day purp, lavender vanilla all going for $25-$28. The CBD vape cartridge 200mg has several flavors too which are Grand Daddy, strawberry lemonade, grape all going for $25-$28.

  1. CBD Pet Products:

Don’t you worry because CBDistillery has taken into consideration the needs of your cats and your dogs as well? On their product list, there is 150mg 30 ml CBD pet tincture which costs $20, Man’s Best friend CBD oil pack going for $80, CBD and Chill Dog Bandana going for $5.

  1. Variety Packs:

Sometimes buying a single product can cast doubt if it will work or is the right kind for meeting your needs. At times you might want to buy a variety pack so that you can try out all and get to make a conclusion which product best meets your needs. In this case, CBDistillery has considered such concerns and they have several products in this category. You will find CBD Vape Pen -200mg variety four-pack going at $85, CBD vape cartridges 200mg cartridge flavor variety pack going at $60, King Gordon CBD pack Vape + Tincture + Salve going at $155.

Final thoughts on CBDistillery

According to our final remarks in regards to CBDistillery, we can give the company a rating of 8 out of 10 in our CBDistillery review compared to other brands. We have seen a lot of research on CBD benefits, even though it hasn’t been approved yet but we can say there are actionable results. Always read the manufactures recommended a dosage and follow the instructions carefully.

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