We believe only one thing cannot work for everyone. So before you buy anything it is always best to do your own research, I mean it does not cost you any money.  So we are just going to give you all the information, whether it’s regarding to solution of anxiety, pain or depression. It is just to help you to make a wise and informed decision, once you are aware of which brand is efficient in which category, you can choose that brand according to your needs.

So before we start our review about different brands that sell CBD, let me give you a brief review of what was the purpose of developing this site.

What was the motive behind developing this site?

Most people confuse CBD to be an illegal product and whether CBD is legal or not has always been confusion for many customers. There are basically two versions of CBD oil, one is Cannabis CBD oil and the other is CBD hemp oil. Although both have therapeutic effect but both differ from each other greatly.Cbd oil vendor reviews

Both cannabis CBD oil and CDB hemp oil are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L species. They differ significantly from each other. CBD from hemp is extracted by crushing the seeds and extracting the fatty acids. This hemp oil is rich in nutrients and is used for various medical problems such as seizure and chronic pain.

The cannabis CBD oil is taken out of cannabis plant; it has CBD as well as THC.  THC compound is what is responsible for getting you high.

My personal experience led me to write this article, because when I started using CBD hemp oil for the chronic pain I almost tried 20 different CBD bottles, I thought why not write an unbiased review so that the one who seek information about the medicinal effects of CBD can benefit from this review.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing CBD oil

Now that hemp CBD business is on peak, there are many shady companies who are just taking the advantage of the hype of the CBD and are trying to sell the CBD products that are not only ineffective but may also cause side effects. Having so many different companies popping from here and there, the moment you open the internet can be a bit overwhelming. You may fall in the trap of those shady companies because they know how to trap their victim with lustrous words. But before you waste your money, just keep in mind the following few things.

  • Is the company offering a free sample

The best way of knowing about the product of company is testing the sample. But not many companies offer a free sample.

You should be cautious of companies who prefer the credit card as payment method as they can be total scam. Give your credit card details only if you are completely sure of the company.

  • Is the company clamming solution to all of your problems

If company claims that their CBD oil cures all of your problems then that is a complete lie. If you really believe that, a small bottle of CBD will magically cure all of your problems than you are fool. Surely CBD oil is solution to various health conditions but, one’s consistency, genetics, personal health contributes significantly to outcomes of CBD oil. Each oil differs in how it is extracted.  So before you go shopping CBD, make sure that CBD oil you are buying correspond to your medicinal needs.

  • Is CBD you are buying contains THC less than 0.3 percent

Before you buy CBD oil, make sure that the product has less than 0.3 percent of THC otherwise you might be at risk of getting your product confiscated and the consequences will follow through.  So before you buy CBD oil either check on site whether they are ensuring that there CBD oil is free of THC or there is a legal amount THC in it.

  • Lab testing and extraction process

Each company extracts CBD oil in its own way.  Among all extraction methods CO2 extraction is the most efficient one, as it allows 99% pure extraction of CBD. For getting quality CBD oil, companies ensure hemp is free of pesticides, fertilizers and is organic. Companies who are not hesitant in showing their lab results are trustworthy and upright.

Reputable companies mostly get their oil tested by third party labs.

  • Customer support service

Customer service is very important way of getting a knowhow of a company. Before you place your order just email the company from which you are buying CBD oil. Check if they respond to your email timely.  I am telling you this from my experience, many times; I have received the orders after months. They answer you timely, it means that they care about their reputation and won’t ruin it.

Let’s start our CBD shopping

Now that you know all the necessary detail that you need to know let’s see from where you can buy some good Quality CBD.  But before we move to that let me clear some aspects related to CBD.

There are generally two categories of CBD oil which is extracted from hemp.

Crystalline isolate:

Crystalline isolate is THC free white and twinkly oil which is extracted from cannabis plant. After extraction the oil is cooled, by doing this CBD is isolated from other cannabinoids. The obtained crystals are then crushed into powder.

Full spectrum oil

Full spectrum oil is yellow and translucent in appearance containing 0.3 % or less THC. It is also extracted from cannabis plant but it is not allowed to cooled so the THC and other cannabinoids remain in it.


  • CBDdistillery

CBDdistillery sell variety of CBD products including, capsules, tincture, topical, vapes and suppositories. They have full spectrum and isolate- based oils.  My personal Favourite from CBD distillery is CBD tincture which is non-flavoured   the reason I like CBD tincture is  because of its is availability  in different strengths ranging from 250mg to 5000mg having different THC ranges. They also have 15 to 30 mm containers. The tincture is put under test by a third party testing to check whether the CBD tincture is up to bar.The CBDistillery show their test results on the side to demonstrate that their product has a high quality and is perfectly safe to use.

Also CBDistillery product’s prices are very economical. So you can enjoy CBD products at a very reasonable rate

  • Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is famous for highest quality CBD. They only offer full spectrum CBD tincture. There product is free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. There delivery service is free. The CBD Tinctures sold out by Nuleaf Naturals are available in different concentrations such as 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg.  They are a bit expensive but the money you spend does not go to waste. Each cent of your money is paid back as Nuleaf naturals CBD tincture relieves all of your problems for which you initially purchased it.

  • Populum

Populum offers best customer service. Populum was originally based in Arizona. They are very open about every feature of their product. Their products are available in concentration of 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg concentrations. Along with CBD oil they also sell topical and pet oil.There CBD oils have added flavours of citrus and coconut oil. If we talk about transparency of populum, you are this much transparent that they third part testing report in hard copy along with the delivery of the product.

Poululum as compare to other brands is inexpensive and pocket friendly.

  • Green roads

Green roads journey goes way back. They are among the ones who originated the manufacturing of CBD.  Due to being an old retailer of CBD, green roads enjoy a great reputation. They offer range of products along with varying concentration. They have QR code on their product that permits you to analyse the ingredients of the product and third party testing results.

The CBD products offered by green roads are unflavoured and a bit high in prices but you can trust them blindly. Their offer CBD isolates only which are 100 percent organic.

  • Nature’s Script

Nature’s Script offers wide series of flavoured products with various concentrations they have watermelon and peppermint flavour. Their product is free of TCH and can be used without worrying about the illegality of the product.  By ordering from Nature’s script, you can enjoy CBD gummies. CBD vape as well as CBD capsules.

They also have CBD tincture for pets. Nature scripts delivery service is very fast and efficient.